Spanish II

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Spanish II

Course Description: Spanish II

Full year/1.0 credit

This second year Spanish course is for students with previous experience of learning the language. The main focus of this course is on language acquisition and development in the four primary language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.   Examples of this material include conversational oral exchange, assignments and activities relative to the study of grammar and comparative cultures.  Spanish II gives students the opportunity to build on previous language skills and reach a higher degree of competence. Topics of study and discussion include family, house, chores and friends; introductions and professions; asking and giving directions around town; school events, competitions and sports injuries; daily routines; talking about childhood pastimes; restaurants and ordering food, clothing and shopping, nature and weather.

Recommended: C average in Spanish I.

Notes to students: 

You will need a Spanish II binder (see attached syllabus) and a notebook of lined paper for this class.

Please bring your binder every day and be prepared for frequent binder checks. You will need to divide the binder into the following 5 sections:

·         Para empezar (daily warm-ups)

·         Vocabulario (hand-written lists, two per chapter)

·         Apuntes (notes & handouts)

·         Cultura y lecturas (culture and readings)

·         Tarea y repaso (homework and review sheets)


Procedures and Responsibilities Procedures

Extra Vocabulary practice - Quizlet

Quizlet 3A

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