Español - Salón 1102

World Languages Grading Policy

The final grade for each quarter will be determined by categories as follows:

  • 80% - Assessments (tests, quizzes, essays, presentations, projects, etc)

  • 20% - Classwork (homework, in-class work, class engagement, etc)

  • 0% - Formative Assessments (these are pre-test comprehension checks)

*The grading scale is in accordance with the current district grading policy.  Please refer to your student handbook for more detailed information.

Late Work Policy

  • Homework: credit/no credit (5 pts / 2.5 pts for incomplete/late).  

Ejemplos: activity sheets, notes, etc

  • Quizzes and tests: arrange with teacher ahead of time to make up any missed assessments.  

  • Special Assignments (presentations & projects): 20% off next day; 50% off after that

Ejemplos: presentations, projects, readings, essays

Classroom Make-up Policy

If you are absent, you are responsible for checking the Google Site for missing assignments. The calendar will be updated daily and all activities/worksheets will be uploaded.  If you have questions, first ask a classmate to help you and then see me (or email me) if you have any trouble. If aware that you will be absent, see me beforehand and I will give you all pending assignments so that you will not fall behind. You must turn in make-up work within two days of your return to class.  Non-excused absences will receive a zero, until otherwise noted.

Tardy Policy

Don’t be late!  You should be seated when the bell rings, no exceptions.  Examples: If you ask to go to the bathroom, take your bag to your locker or go get popcorn and you return after the bell rings, you will be tardy.  For every tardy you have in all classes, you will earn a detention.  You have four “freebies” during the semester.  (See PCHS policy.)

Personal Electronic Devices Policy

  • This refers to phones, computers, Chromebooks, etc.

  • Do not have your PEDs out during this class unless otherwise instructed.  If I see that you are using your phone, or other PED, during class time, you will get a detention. EL FIN. When in doubt, check with la profesora first.

  • There will be opportunities to use your PEDs.  Examples: Google Classroom assignments, Kahoot! and other online educational games, research, some essays, relevant cultural videos, etc.  

PCHS Dress Code Policy

  1. No hats/headwear

  2. Shoes are required

  3. Pants must be worn at the waist, no undergarments visible

  4. Clothing NOT permitted:  advertises drugs, alcohol and tobacco, is profane or vulgar, is revealing, suggestive or otherwise distracting

***No purses or bags are allowed in the classrooms! See student handbook



  • Be appropriate, polite and reasonable. 

  • Absolutely no cell phones unless otherwise instructed! 

  • Only use your Chromebook/tablet/etc. when given permission.  

  • Put downs and profanity are not tolerated. 

  • Do not talk while others are. You will have plenty of time to talk together, with me, around me, even to yourself. Yet, when someone else has the “stage”, please be respectful and refrain from speaking. Verbal communication is the key to success, so be prepared to speak (español) often and at appropriate times. 

  • Please do NOT bring pop and/or food to this class. Se permite agua.

  • ¡Absolutamente NO CHICLE!

  • DO NOT BE LATE!  Have respect and sit down when the bell rings.


  • Come to class prepared (libro, lapiz o bolí, cuaderno, carpeta, tarea). 

  • If you are absent, you are responsible for finding out what you missed. Visit my Google Site and complete any of the assignments that are on the calendar for that day.

  • DO YOUR OWN WORK!  Any form of academic malpractice which includes, but is not limited to, cheating, collusion and plagiarism will be dealt with accordingly. See the student handbook and the World Languages Word of Honor for more information.


  • You’ll hear me say the word “trata” often and you are always expected to uphold this responsibility. TRY!!  Your full participation is required! The more effort you put into our engagements, the more fun and effective our Spanish class will be.



First offense: verbal warning.

Second offense: Exclusion from class participation, “0” for the day.

Third offense: Call home & detention with teacher.

Fourth offense: Behavior intervention action and detention.

Any severe disruptions: immediate visit to the appropriate administrator.

Last name:      A – K, Mr. Frink

                      L – Z, Ms. Salisbury

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