Español - Salón 1102/Virtual

World Languages Grading Policy

The final grade for each quarter will be determined by categories as follows:

  • 80% - Assessments (tests, quizzes, essays, presentations, projects, etc)

  • 20% - Coursework (homework, readings, class engagement, reflection charts, etc)

***The grading scale is in accordance with the current district grading policy.  Please refer to your student handbook for more detailed information.

Late Work Policy

  • Homework: credit/no credit with opportunity to make up work for 60% up until the date of the Unit Assessment (ie. 5 pts - 3 pts for incomplete/late).  

Ejemplos: homework, readings, notes, reflections, etc  

  • Summative Assessments (quizzes, tests, presentations & projects): 20% off next day; 40% off after that

Ejemplos: presentations, projects, essays

***Quizzes and tests: arrange with teacher ahead of time (if possible) to make a plan for any assessments that you miss.

Classroom Make-up Policy

If you are absent, you are responsible for checking Google Classroom for missing assignments. I also use my Google Site regularly. The calendar will be updated daily and all activities/worksheets will be uploaded.  If you have any questions or are having trouble, please email me. I will respond to you as quickly as possible (within 24 hours). If you know that you will be absent, let me know beforehand and I will give you all pending assignments so that you will not fall behind (or check the Google Site). You must turn in make-up work within two days of your return to class.

High School World Language Online Expectations:

  • Prior to our Class Meet beginning:

    • Sign in prior to meeting time. ["mics off / cameras on" is the NORM]

    • Find a quiet place for class, whenever possible.

    • Be prepared for the lesson by utilizing the GOOGLE CLASSROOM for all announcements, assignment information, and submission information.

  • During Class Meet time:

    • Be actively engaged in the learning occurring.

      • Minimize distractions: This means not having your phone out, only having tabs open directly related to our lesson, etc.

      • The “Chat” feature on the right should only be used for class-related interaction, rather than social communication with friends.

    • Contribute positively to the classroom environment.

      • Use the “raise your hand” feature to let the teacher know you have something to contribute.

      • Treat others with the same respect expected.

  • Outside of Class Meets:

    • TRY! ...even when "it's difficult", or "it's long", or it feels like "I can't". We just can't YET! It may take time, but with a positive attitude and effort, we WILL!

    • You are here to learn a language and improve your skills. Focus on your growth and what areas you can improve.

    • Take advantage of the resources offered to make the learning easier.

    • Do your own work and show integrity in utilizing only accepted resources.

  • Communication:

    • Be proactive in seeking help and settling questions about grades respectfully.

    • Contact your teacher via email as soon as you have a question, but understand that the response may be delayed if sent during evening hours.

    • Communicate with your teachers so that they can be extra compassionate and understanding when needed, because sometimes life is hard.


First offense: verbal warning.

Second offense: Exclusion from class meet, “0” for the day, call home.

Third offense: Behavior intervention action and disciplinary referral.

Last name:      A – K, Mr. Frink

                      L – Z, Ms. Salisbury

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